About us

We design, automate and integrate solutions for industry.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation and robotization

We are a Polish company that has been associated with the industrial automation market from the very beginning. During the first 10 years of operation, we have completed over 500 projects of various levels of complexity - from simple manual stations to complete automated production lines - operating in production plants around the world.

We operate mainly in the automotive industry, providing solutions that operate in the plants of industry leaders and produce car parts for the largest automotive brands. We can also successfully transfer the gained experience to other industries.

Creative staff

Innovation, flexibility and a well-coordinated creative staff allow us to offer modern, ground-breaking and affordable solutions.

The company is made up of a team of over 70 people working in the following departments: sales, project management, construction, automation, assembly, machining and purchasing. This team has created numerous internationally recognized projects around the world.

Area of activity

Creative staff

Complex offer

We work mainly with companies from the automotive and household appliances industry, but we are also open to new challenges.

Honesty and punctuality

We know that clients need accurate and honest project plans from their suppliers. That is why we believe in producing honest plans, that are realistic, so that we deliver on-time.


We operate in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Global reach

  • Since 2011, over 20 clients have completed more than 500 installations in various places around the world: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Portugal, Morocco, Thailand, India, China, Mexico and the United States.
  • We have partnership agreements with experienced collaborators located in the United States, China and Mexico. All have experience in projects in the automotive industry.
Global reach


Bearing in mind our continuous development and striving to implement larger projects, in 2019, we built a new modern production and office facility.

Prizes and awards

We were awarded:

  • Gazele biznsu
  • Forbes 2019
  • Forbes 2020
  • Brylant Polskiej Gospodarki 2020
  • Efektywna Firma
  • Forbes 2022