Vibrating feeders

The industry is moving towards continuous improvement of production and process automation. Automation is inherently related to the requirement of reliable feeding of the components involved in the process.

Budowa systemów podawania

Construction of feeding systems

Having completed several hundred projects in the field of automation of production processes has shown us the necessity for reliable feeding systems. Our experience in machine building helps us to look at the issues of feeding components more broadly, and thus better understand the needs of customers looking for feeding systems tailored to their needs.

Recognizing the need for reliable suppliers of feeding systems, we decided to translate our experience into the creation of a department specializing in the construction of feeding systems..

Customized feeding systems

The Philogic branch located in Warsaw specializes in supplying dedicated feeders for a specific product, built in accordance with the customer's guidelines. We offer cylindrical, linear, hopper feeders and complete feeding systems.

We focus on the need for high quality components, professional support and advice. We build our feeders based on the components from the RNA company - a world leader in feeding systems solutions that results in failure-free and reliable operation of the feeders for many years.

Customized feeding systems
podajniki wycena

Do you need a quote?

We will need the following information:

  • drawings, 3D model, possibly a sample of the fed component
  • expected feeding capacity (number of pieces per minute)
  • proposed orientation at the feeder output
  • autonomy - expected operation time without refilling of components