Mechanical engineering

At Philogic, we build machines from scratch – from concept development, 3D design, programming to on-site commissioning.

Innovative projects

Innovative projects

Our projects are involved in the assembly of car parts for the most popular brands on the automotive market. The production lines we build operate in many places around the world, ensuring the proper quality of assembly of components for brands in such as Audi, Ford, Mercedes, BMW as well as PSA and GM corporations.

We specialize in production lines as well as control and measurement stations for a wide range of automotive components. We also participate in innovative projects concerning components for electric cars such as Rivian and Tesla.

The automotive industry and more

We are located in the Tier 2 area, supplying machines and production lines to the largest sub-suppliers for the automotive industry and more. Our products function, among others at Huf, ZF, ITW, Joyson, SMA and Aweco plants.

About 80% of our activity is related to the automotive industry, however, we also have experience in other industrial sectors. We operate in the field of household appliances components, machines linked with injection moulding and the production of electronic components. We are happy to work in many different sectors where automation and production line techniques are applicable.

The automotive industry
Complete production lines

Complete production lines

Our specialty are production lines that cover the entire product assembly and testing process. Our experience and skills include the following aspects of production line automation:

  • integration with popular transport systems such as Bosch TS2, Flexlink and others
  • traceability systems based, among others, on RFID solutions
  • Pick to Light solutions
  • rotary tables and robotic product transfer

The lines we provide operate in plants located all over the world.

Control stations

Control stations

We specialize in providing advanced testers and final test stations (EOLT) ensuring:

  • tests of communication with automotive interfaces (including CAN, LIN), NFC tests
  • verification of the presence and correctness of component assembly
  • mechanical tests (including force and torque measurements), leak tests, functional tests
  • measurement tests using National Instruments equipment
Single machines

Single machines

We provide stations with various levels of technical advancement:

  • manual - the process is fully performed by the operator
  • semi-automatic - an automated process, the operator delivers the components
  • automatic - the process is carried out fully automatically, depending on the autonomy time, the operator only replenishes the components at certain intervals
Robotized stations

Robotized stations

The key components, including robots, are selected in accordance with the client's requirements. We robotized, among others, such processes as:

  • feeding and assembly of components
  • volumetric dosing
  • transfer and translation of products
  • unloading and packing
  • integrating robots with vision systems
We create applications

We create applications

  • we develop PLC and HMI applications using dedicated software. Most often we use solutions for the following brands: Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Allan Bradley
  • we create SCADA applications based on the LabView or WinCC environment
  • we use National Instruments equipment for measurement applications

We create and develop control, visualization and testing applications. Based on our experience, we propose and suggest specific hardware solutions, but most of all, we operate in accordance with the standards and clients preferences.

We provide modernization

We modernize existing machines to provide:

  • expansion of the control system
  • adapting the station to the latest factory standards
  • adding more product references
  • implementation of process changes and improvement to ergonomics

How projects are created

We provide modernization
Processes experience

Processes experience / specializations:

  • electric or pneumatic screwdriving with full parameter control
  • riveting
  • thermal, resistance and ultrasonic welding
  • laser welding
  • electrical tests and measurements
  • mechanical tests and measurements (e.g. torque, force, functional tests)
  • vision tests
  • communication tests with interfaces (e.g. CAN, LIN, Modbus)
  • automatic dosing applications (adhesives, lubricants, sealants)
  • marking: laser, dot peen, labeling, pad printing
  • automatic feeding of components (vibratory feeders, step feeders and others)
  • transport systems: belt, pallet, chain, roller, rotary tables
  • leakage testing
  • ESD machines